Friend Kitchen The most important quality of chinese cuisine is its freshness, because the dishes are quickly cooked and keep their flavors. At Friend Kitchen you'll have the chance to see for yourself. We not only serve Chinese cuisine, but also Thai, Indonesian, Mongolian or Vietnamese. Try our Moo Shu Dishes, with white rice or brown rice and five pancakes, the Thai Red Curry Sauce, with string bean, tomato, onion, coconut, milk, potato, eggplant or the Sambai, Indonesian spices with shrimp paste. Among the Chef's suggestions, we remind you the Walnut Shrimp, the Orange Chicken or the most amazing General Tso's Chicken, made of deep-fried chunk of chicken in hot pepper, tangy wine sauce served in broccoli. Visit us at 1103 W. 36th St., Baltimore, MD, or take a moment to order online via Eat24Hours. Order Online Payment Options